This is hilarious

So, to preface: on a daily basis, I eat approximately 3000 calories, the majority of which come from good fats.

I maintain a steady weight of 113-116, which at my height of 5'6" is barely "normal" - a BMI of 18.2 - 18.7.

I plug my age, weight and height into a Calorie Calculator and it tells me that in order to maintain my weight - at my age and height - I should be consuming about HALF of what I do: 1553 calories.


To boot, those 1553 calories should be divided this way:
45% carbohydrates
30% protein
25% fat

Huh. Would they say I fall into the "lucky" category? I wouldn't agree. I would say I'm truly living proof that traditional diets work.

Not only do they work, but they make you LOOK better too. Here are just a few pics from earlier this year, when I was still struggling with anorexia and definitely not eating very well at all:

And this, from a couple days ago, after gaining weight on an inpatient diet, and then eating the Weston Price way:


  1. I like the comparison! Nice touch!

  2. your baby is adorable! and you look a lot healthier in the more recent photo!