CSA Thursday pics, and more

Delicious carrots...

Apples from our backyard...

Our CSA box (inclusive of 13 ears of corn!!)

Edible flowers...

Homemade zucchini brownies and raw (real!) milk. Yum!!


I've been reading Nina Planck's Real Food: What to Eat and Why these past two days. It's a truly amazing read. I highly, *highly* recommend it for anyone interested in improving their health through their dietary intake. A lot of what she says confirms what I already suspected/knew: animal fats AREN'T from the devil. And, of course, purest is best.

I'm totally on board with that!

It's Friday, but just another day for this stay at home Mom. The tot sleeps; I'm off to get me some lunch - I'm thinking some more of those yummy yummy farm eggs, with a nice crispy salad on the side with some of my homemade croutons... and another brownie. Eh, why not?

*lifts her glass* Cheers! :)

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