Tired of feeling tired

Lately I've just been bushed. By lunchtime I'm ready for a nice, all-afternoon nap. Sadly this can't happen as I have an active little toddler under my tutelage. But I've been wondering: why the tiredness? I'm not pregnant. I get good sleep. I eat... um, well, I eat fairly well, but I could eat better.

Back when I was in recovery from an eating disorder, I had a meal plan. I'm no longer on a meal plan and do consider myself "recovered"; however, my daily diet is a bit - wanting.

So, that being said, I started this blog to chart my daily intake, a form of a meal plan, if you will. I do believe that you get out of something what you put into it... ergo, I'm off on an attempt to fuel my body in a better way - hopefully lifting some of the fatigue and putting many stamps in my Passport to Health! :)

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